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Chocolate Filling Fountain; A KMS Industrial Kitchen Machinery Brand. As KMS Industrial Kitchen Machinery; we produce chocolate dispenser and dispensing machine with the highest quality materials. Chocolate tempering machine; It offers your customers a perfect experience by melting your mold and drop chocolates. Chocolate dispenser, also known as Chocolate Fountain; It adds elegance to your space with its stylish design, ease of use and hygienic.

The Chocolate Dispenser - Chocolate Dispensing machines we produce are made of 304 quality stainless steel. It is produced 100% suitable for contact with food. Another feature is that the chocolate fountain is easy to clean. It offers easy cleaning thanks to its drain valve. Another different feature is that the chocolate dosage can be adjusted with the pedal. Please contact us for more information about the chocolate fountain price. We are one of the most established companies producing Chocolate Fountain in Turkey. We are committed to providing the best chocolate fountain experience with our Quality, Service Network and Trainings.

What We Do?

Chocolate Dispenser Production

Chocolate Tempering Machines

Chocolate Melting Machines

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Chocolate Dispenser


You can customize your Chocolate Fountain as you wish.

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